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About Us

Vision Statement

To teach children that what is in front of them is greater than what is behind them.


I just wanted to inspire young entrepreneurs.

Founder JW Perry

I grew up in Brooklyn N.Y. and Newark, N.J.

I went through a lot of obstacles in my life, an abusive childhood, no parents after the age of 14, and homeless 4 times. A lot of family members didn't want to help me. All they did was talk about me, and laugh at me, but look at me now. I have my own business, a college degree, and I am able to help out those kids in need who are just like me when I grew up. We as adults forget what it was like not to have a real positive influence in our lives or being bullied in school, or being in an abusive household, and not having loving parents or positive mentors. I'm here to show kids of all ages that you can make it if you don't quit.