About Us

Vision Statement

To teach children that what is in front of them is greater than what is behind them.

Mission Statement

Masters of Impossibilities is a not for profit organization that focuses on giving children and families the chance to seek opportunities and options that will inspire them to want to be more then what they may see. Motivating children to see where their minds and lives can take them.

Founder JW Perry

JW Perry is a native New Yorker who was born and raised in Brooklyn, he grew a deep passion for giving back to his community while being a teenager raised on the streets of Brooklyn N.Y. . Mr. Perry developed a passion for helping others while going to his neighborhood boxing gym to stay out of trouble. He quickly learned that had it not been for God’s grace, the mentors, afterschool activities, and local gyms,  his life may have ended up taking a different direction. Mr. Perry is a graduate of Monroe College with a degree in Criminal Justice. Mr. Perry knows that a child's mind is like a sponge, they will absorb any and everything. Our goal at Masters of Impossibilities is to provide a child with several options and avenues for a brighter future. We would like the opportunity to help children explore different fields which will help guide them in choosing a career path. We at Masters of Impossibilities are also sponsoring Daddy’s Clubs to all schools that we fund. Daddy’s Club is a time for bonding with the child and is open to dads, grandparents, uncles, brothers, and cousins. Some activities including movie nights, ice cream making, and so much more.